Cyprus is an amazing diving spot
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5 Reasons why the Island of Aphrodite is a Top Holiday destination

An attractive Balkanic riot of cultures, with a tumultuous history and a rich heritage, a stone-throw away from southern Turkey and the extreme eastern point of the European shore of the Mediterranean, Cyprus or the Island of Aphrodite as it is often called. Here are 5 reasons why this island is a top holiday destination.

Happy Easter
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Easter in Cyprus

Easter is a beautiful time to be in Cyprus! It is not just a celebration - it is a combination of tradition, family time, faith, welcoming spring and fun! Probably that is a reason why everyone enjoys this time so much!

Beads market in Somanya
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Discover Ghana

Are you thinking of travelling to Ghana? We invite you to discover Ghana and give you 8 reasons why Ghana is a must-visit. See only a few reasons why we are happy to go there again and again.

Kid art
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Things you can find only in Ghana

Sometimes travel memories of a place cannot just be fully represented by pictures or videos - sometimes there are things you have to experience and see with your own eyes.

Cyprus skiing
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Cyprus in winter - a perfect skiing destination

When people think about skiing, Cyprus is most likely not among their top 5 destinations. However, they might be surprised by how much Cyprus has to offer in terms of winter sports and entertainment. For that reason, we have decided to give you a short overview of what you can expect form a winter in Cyprus’ Troodos Mountains.

Docked in Limassol
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Best places to visit in Cyprus this summer

With summer kicking in soon again, the tourism industry in Cyprus is expected to boom. Here are a few of the best places to visit in Cyprus this summer.

Introducing Ghana - Ghana at Heart
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Sharing the beauty of Ghana

Introducing the beauty of Ghana and its people across the country. We take you to the city, across the mountains, through the rain forest. We show you the beauty up close and from the air.

Ghana is a wonderful place on this earth and absolutely worth a visit.

A short fly by of Pissouri Cliffs - 1
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A short fly by of Pissouri Cliffs

This video shows the amazing cliffs of Pissouri with some of the hidden beaches.

Mountain Gemi in Amedzope
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Best hiking places in Ghana

It is time to put on your hiking boots, pack your meal, grab a water bottle, and apply some sunscreen because it’s time to go hiking in Ghana.

A flock of flamingos flying in sunset
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Flamingos in Cyprus - a sight to see

If you ever looked up information about Cyprus, chances are that you have seen some gorgeous shots of flamingos. These stunning creatures are frequent guests of the island, gracing everyone with their presence every winter. Thousands of tourists come to Cyprus just to witness these fabulous birds. Want to know when and where to catch a glimpse?

Flybys of Akamas Peninsula National Park
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Flybys of Akamas Peninsula National Park

Flybys of the beautiful Akamas Peninsula

Limassol Carnival - The clowns
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All you need to know about the Limassol (Cyprus) Carnival

People always talk about the Venetian and Brazilian carnivals, but have you ever heard of the Cyprus carnival? Did you know that the island is the home of the craziest and funniest carnival out there? If not, then let us tell you about the Limassol Carnival, and we guarantee that you will want to see it after reading this article!

Flowers of Cyprus - Red tulips
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The flowers of Cyprus - where and when can you see them

Many people visit Cyprus for its beautiful beaches and fantastic landscapes. Some even visit the island for its mountains and ski resorts. But did you know that Cyprus is also the home of astounding wild flowers? Today, we will tell you a little bit about where and when you can see the gorgeous tulips, orchids and blooming almond trees.

Ghana at Heart - Canoe from the air
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Ecotourism in Ghana

Ghana has a wide variety of EcoTourism options. In this video we would like to take you along to show you some of these pearls.

These are wonderful locations ranging from the Northern Region to Greater Accra, absolutely worth a visit. Join us on this Eco-journey across Ghana!

A Yaw Pare Production, filmed by Michael Larbie.

Splashy day on water
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What is Flood Festival in Cyprus about?

Where and how people in Cyprus celebrate 'Kataklysmos' or the Flood Festival? Join this cheerful celebration anywhere near the waters in various cities in Cyprus.