Flowers of Cyprus - Red tulips
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The flowers of Cyprus - where and when can you see them

Many people visit Cyprus for its beautiful beaches and fantastic landscapes. Some even visit the island for its mountains and ski resorts. But did you know that Cyprus is also the home of astounding wild flowers? Today, we will tell you a little bit abou...

Splashy day on water
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What is Flood Festival in Cyprus about?

Where and how people in Cyprus celebrate 'Kataklysmos' or the Flood Festival? Join this cheerful celebration anywhere near the waters in various cities in Cyprus.

Limassol Carnival - The clowns
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All you need to know about the Limassol (Cyprus) Carnival

People always talk about the Venetian and Brazilian carnivals, but have you ever heard of the Cyprus carnival? Did you know that the island is the home of the craziest and funniest carnival out there? If not, then let us tell you about the Limassol Carni...