Sea Caves of Cape Greco

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By Edite Strautmane
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Sea Caves Ayia Napa (cape Cavo Greco) is one of the most visited natural attractions on the south-eastern coast of Cyprus, located between two popular resorts - Agia Napa and Protaras and is part of Cape Greco National Park.

Locals often refer to the sea caves as 'Cavo Greco stone castles' and totally makes sense, when seen in real life. This place is considered to be one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in the whole Cyprus. People come here to snorkel and the locals come here to fish. 

All caves are of natural origin. The southern coast from Cape Greco towards Ayia Napa consists of a light sandstone. The true power of nature has created  all the grottoes, caves, arches and columns, labyrinths, and paths. The largest cave reaches about 900 meters into the rock!  It is believed that in these caves and grottoes pirates and smugglers of the Mediterranean hid their treasures and stored their goods.

'The Palace caves' and the 'Smugglers caves' are deep (up to 240 feet into the rock) passages into the cliffs and are only accessible from the sea. Accessibility depends on the sea and weather conditions. During calm seas and at low tide most of the caves can be reached by swimming or walking. The waters are exceptionally clear, offering countless shades of blue, turquoise, emerald and deep blue colors . There are also several spots of deep water.

Sea caves - see through

The cliff with a through cave is a very popular and romantic spot. From afar it resembles a needle's eye. Couples go down into the cave to make wonderful pictures from the opposite shore. Just to throw some more ideas for romance here, people also set a table in the cave for a perfect dinner at sunset. A movie-worth picture!

Reaching Sea Caves from Agia Napa or Protaras is rather easy by any transport, be it a car or a bicycle. Bus tours and boat trips from the resorts to the sea caves are organised regularly. From the sea, the views towards the caves are spectacular. If arriving from Agia Napa, there are also buses going to Cape Greco, however, it will take you about 30 min walking to reach the caves. The easiest way is by car. When you take the Cavo Greco highway, which connects Agia Napa and Protaras, turn to Cavo Greco Road.

Keep in mind!

There are not many conveniences available, including rescue services. Therefore, take your trip seriously and be cautious! Always be prepared and equipped with a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, enough drinking water and snacks. Also keep in mind that the surfaces this area are rather rough, so wear comfortable and safe shoes for walking.

There are many signs prohibiting swimming and diving due to the rocky coastline. Your decision to ignore the warnings is at your own risk! Rising from the water back to an elevated cliff can be as risky as jumping from it. Since officially bathing is prohibited, there are no safe exit options. The areas that are the least dangerous for jumping often are marked on the edges of the cliffs by tourists.

However, still any action taken is at your own risk!

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