Baths of Aphrodite

Baths of Aphrodite

Baths of Aphrodite 

Baths of Aphrodite is a natural grotto in the Akamas Peninsula, between Polis and Cape Arnaouti. The natural grotto is gently embraced by an old fig tree that creating a wonderful shade. 

Legend tells that this shaded fairy tale spot was exactly where the Ancient Greek Goddess Aphrodite used to bathe. Here she also met her lover Adonis for the first time. He was hunting and decided to quench his thirst at the crystal clear pond. This is where he saw Aphrodite surrounded by wildflowers and idyllic landscape and fell in love.

The site is included in the Aphrodite Cultural Route.

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Baths of Aphrodite 35.056408000 32.344567000
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