The flowers of Cyprus - where and when can you see them

Flowers of Cyprus - Red tulips

Many people visit Cyprus for its beautiful beaches and fantastic landscapes. Some even visit the island for its mountains and ski resorts. But did you know that Cyprus is also the home of astounding wild flowers? Today, we will tell you a little bit about where and when you can see the gorgeous tulips, orchids and blooming almond trees on the island.

Polemi Tulip Festival

In Cyprus, one of the most beautiful events of the year is undoubtedly the Polemi Tulip Festival. Hundreds of people from all over the world come to the island to watch the bloom of wild tulips. Since 2002, this event has been gathering tulip lovers together, and this year, you can become a part of this as well! 

Towards the end of March/beginning of April, the village of Polemi, Paphos district, welcomes its visitors with the glorious views of wild tulips. The festival also includes musical performances from the local children and plenty of delicious (and free) wine. You can walk through the tulip fields along with experts that will tell you all about the beautiful flowers. 

The most important thing you need to know is that under no circumstance can you pluck the tulips. No matter how pretty you think they are, just let them grow and bloom. Over the years, the amount of wild tulips found on the island has significantly decreased, so make sure you do not become a part of the reason why that is happening. Just take a picture, and it will last forever!

Blossoming Almond Trees Festival

Spring is probably the best time to visit Cyprus, as that is when the almond trees are in full bloom. If you want to see lots of blossoming almond trees in one place, and taste some traditional dishes while you are at it, then you should definitely visit the Annual Blooming Almond Trees Festival. 

It usually occurs somewhere between February and March, depending on weather conditions during winter period.The festival takes place in Limnatis village, which can be found around 20 km north-west of Lemesos. For a symbolic price (around 5 Euros), you will be able to witness the gorgeous views of almond trees, see the performances of traditional Cypriot songs and dances, eat local food, learn more about traditional professions and so much more! The community usually organises transfers for the festival, accompanied by a guide. As the dates of this event change annually, we recommend reaching out to tourism information offices for more details.

Where to find wild orchids on Cyprus

In case you do not know, Cyprus is the home of many wild orchids, some of which can be found only on the island and nowhere else. 

If you want to see some orchids, you can go to the village of Kritou Terra, which is located near Drouseia, around 30 km north of Paphos. The village has many tracks covered with some of the rarest orchids that can be found on the island. You can also find some orchids on the hills between Drouseia and Prodromi. Be aware, though, that some of the flowers are so small that they can get lost in the tall grass, so look closely!

As you can see, spring is a perfect time to visit Cyprus if you love flowers. So get your tickets, pack your bags and go see the stunning nature for yourself!

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# Marker Address Latitude Longitude Link
Polemi village Polemi
34.885692161 32.507546330
Limnatis village Limnatis
34.814048782 32.948557225
Kampyli village Kampyli
Northern Cyprus
35.301696899 33.107866104
Kozanköy village Kozanköy
Northern Cyprus
35.309509886 33.140183103
Karşıyaka village Karşıyaka
Northern Cyprus
35.345631961 33.121192964
Kritou Terra village Kritou Terra
34.955578901 32.422279291
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