Revens Music Hall Stage

Ravens Music Hall

Ravens Music Hall is an intimate venue showcasing some of the best bands in Cyprus. With an excellent sound system, top acoustics and a layout that allows the stage to be seen from any seat in the house, Ravens is a great place to get your live music fix.

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Ermou 261 Rock Bar

Ermou 261 is one of the most classic Rock Bars in Cyprus. Located in the heart of the old city of Nicosia, we serve up an astonishing 30 different bottled and draught craft beers along with a selection of spirits and wines.

So, if you’re looking for a place crammed full of style and delicious craft beer, Ermou 261 is a good place to start!

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Kafeney specializes in Artisan Craft Beers that will make your taste buds explode. It's time you get away from the ordinary, taste a different Craft BEER today! Come and try some of our amazing options!

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Reckless Bar

Reckless is the oldest rock bar in Nicosia, established in 1988. The management have an ultimate respect for alcohol so the bar is stocked with a huge selection of beers, including Belgian beers imported exclusively by Reckless. A huge selection of the finest Scotch Whiskies are stocked along with a fine selection of spirits.

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RED Music Stage


Route 66

Route 66 is a Rock and Blues bar in the middle of Limassol city. It is a straight American style bar and it has great decoration and atmosphere. It serves only alcohol. Wanna know what makes this bar special? Bambos - the barman.


Neverland Rock Bar

Neverland Rock Bar established in 2009 and is located on the Walls of Old Nicosia! It's Rocking daily from 20:00 till late, with tunes from the underground and mainstream Rock music scene from the 60s till today's!
Burgers, Food Platters, Beers, Whiskies and any other spirit! Weekly Rock Events of Live Music, Vinyl Records DJ sets, Tributes etc.

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Brewfellas Craft Beer Bar

A dedicated craft beer company based in the heart of the old city of Nicosia, bringing you the best and most rare craft beers from around the world. Open everyday of the week.

We showcase the best independent craft beers and finest whiskies/bourbons. Craft beer is serious business for us. We make sure you drink the best.

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* The provided price ranges per night are indicative and may vary due to season and/or availability.