Sayious Adventure Park

Sayious Adventure Park

Sayious Adventure Park is a family owned business. All of us are adrenaline junkies, engineers, athletes and active in various sports. That’s why we wanted to create a place where people seeking adventure in a safe controlled environment, could have fun and make great memories. Wanna be one of them? Contact us today to book your adventure!

The number one destination for those who are looking for some adrenaline rushing fun is the Sayious Adventure Park located west of Limassol in the village of Asgata just twenty-five minutes from Limassol Center.

Off road buggies, Paintball , archery, wall climbing are some of the exciting acitivites that await you at the Sayious Adventure Park.

This amazing park also offers packages, such as team building activities or family fun. If you wish to visit, make sure to book in advance. Come enjoy a great day shared with your family and friends and filled with adventures that you will never forget.

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