Revens Music Hall Stage

Ravens Music Hall

Ravens Music Hall is an intimate venue showcasing some of the best bands in Cyprus. With an excellent sound system, top acoustics and a layout that allows the stage to be seen from any seat in the house, Ravens is a great place to get your live music fix.

The venue

Diaxroniki Mousiki Skini

Diaxroniki Mousiki Skini is a large multi-purpose venue in Nicosia. We host both Cypriot and International acts of all genres with a superb sound system.

The bar

Hustlers Rock Club

Designed with a particular atmosphere, not only making it an ideal destination for groups of friends, but also an occasion to make new friends. Located in the oldest alley of the historic centre of Limassol, Hustlers Rock Bar is that place. A beloved destination for relaxed evenings with friends, accompanied by beer, pool, and rock music.

Down Town Live

Downtown Live

DOWNTOWN LIVE offers the ultimate experience of live entertainment!

A lively atmosphere with breathtaking performances by both local and international well known bands! With weekly intoxicating performances by local bands and guest appearances,'ll be amped up for sure!

* The provided price ranges per night are indicative and may vary due to season and/or availability.