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By Desmond Dorvlo
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Known for its spectacular resource reserve, Shai Hills is a suburb near Dodowa in the Greater Accra region. Stone quarries, high hills, and wild animals are just a few of the characteristics of this place.  

The Shai hill is most noted for its tourist attractions. Notable among this is the Shai forest reserve.

Things you can do at Shai hills

If you’re a birder the ideal place for you is the Shai hills forest reserve. The best time for wildlife viewing is early in the morning at around 05:00 am. A morning visit may include sightings of Kob antelope, bushbuck, or monkeys, although the monkeys here are not habituated like at Tafi Atome or Boabeng-Fiema monkey sanctuaries

In addition to the amazing landscape and game viewing capability of the reserve, one could likewise appreciate the delight of visiting Obonu-tem and Seyo caverns on the Hioweyo and Sayu slopes.

The Shai ancestral caves

These were utilized by the Shai lords until the end of the nineteenth century. The unique caves were defendable in the midst of battle because of the wealth of special stones, a passage like opening, and shades that they had.  

A vital day can be spent strolling through the cool dry evergreen backwoods to the caverns to see relics of old Shai settlements in the reserve. The loud bat's colony that dwells at the cavern is a stunning site also. 

You can also pick up your hiking boots and go hike across the numerous hills around the town.  

You can travel the park in a 4X4 vehicle or on foot with an armed escort from the hours of 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The best part of visiting the Shai hills for us is how picturesque the landscape and atmosphere are. Do not forget to bring your camera along when visiting the Shai hills. If you're a nature photograph fanatic, this will be a very satisfying experience for you. 

Nearby accommodations are available that are comfortable and convenient for an early morning arrival to the reserve.

With all these qualities in addition to its amazing landscape and relatively cool atmosphere, Shai hills is the ideal weekend getaway or long term vacation spot for anyone. Pack your bags and just prepare to have a nice time.

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