Mole National Park

By Madi Kh.
Published on 20 Nov 2020, viewed 2591 times
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How does spending quality time among wildlife sound to you? If you feel that cities are turning greyer with each day, I am sure you would love the fresh and green change of environment that Mole National Park provides. Being Ghana’s largest wildlife refuge in the country’s Savannah region, the park is an excellent escape from your mundane routine.


Back in 1958, the park’s lands were marked as a wildlife refuge. Following that, in 1971, the park’s native human population, was relocated and the sanctuary was given an update in status- it was designated as a national park. Historically, the Mole National Park has not been frequented much by tourists, despite its fantastic potential, which is a shame.

What it is like today?

Tourists not visiting the park is not a consequence of some feature of the park. It is perfect in terms of the flora and fauna it preserves. Thanks to there being little to no humans around, there are several undisturbed and pristine locations in the park, which elephants inhabit. There are several plant species in the region, including Burkea Africana, Isoberlinia Doka, and Afzelia Africana. Moreover, over ninety-three mammal species within the park include elephants, hippos, warthogs, and hippos.

Recently, the park management has made improvements to the roads leading to the park, making reaching the park easier. This has resulted in a 21% annual increase in tourism.

What to Do in the Park?

So, you are in the park, sitting in your motel, thinking of what to do. Need some advice? We have a list of things you can do here:

  1. In the late afternoons (1600 hours) or early in the mornings (0600 hours), you can go out on a walking safari with an armed ranger by your side. This is a wonderful way to experience the wildlife of the location from close. 
  2. If you have your four-wheel drive with you, you can go on a driving safari (with an armed ranger by your side, of course). This mode of safari allows you to cover more area and explore farther corners of the park. 
  3. If you are not a safari person, you can stay in your motel and enjoy the fantastic view of the park.

An interesting fact

Although no one has seen one since August 2004, it is rumored that lions inhabit some Mole National Park areas. Isn’t this an exciting aspect? Perhaps you could explore the park and come across one! 

It is a shame that the Mole National Park is not publicized enough. It is a remarkable destination to visit. Therefore, you should immediately put it at the top of your travel bucket list.

Posted by Madi Kh.
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