Lake Bosumtwe

Fisher on Lake BosUmtwe
By Madi Kh.
Published on 04 Nov 2020, viewed 2975 times
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A magnificent beauty stretching further than the eye can see!

Lake Bosumtwe Travel Guide

Located nearby Kumasi, Lake Bosumtwe is the only natural lake in the country. It is spread over an area of 49-kilometer square. It is a unique lake, and its magnificent appearance makes it impossible to miss. If you are planning a trip to Ghana, you should add this lake to your list of places to visit. It is undoubtedly going to leave you in awe. 

The following information would tell you more about this lake.

History of Lake Bosumtwe

Thanks to a meteoritic action, an asteroid formed a crater on the ground about one million years ago. This got filled with rainwater afterward and formed the only natural lake of Ghana. It is one of the few meteoritic lakes in the world, making itself a unique national resource. It used to be wider than it is now, but due to the changes in relief features over the million years, its size has reduced to a diameter of 8 km.

What it is like today?

Today, you can take a trip to this lake and enjoy the greenery spread around it. Not only would you be gazing at one of the unique lakes of the world, but you would also be able to spend time in a peaceful environment. The tranquility there is undoubtedly one of the top features of the lake. You can also see trees peeking out of the lake, which would take you back to the time when the whole land used to be a forest. It is advised that you take about two hours out of your time to spend here. Most trip planners use this time to take you around the place and help you explore it to the fullest.

Places to See Nearby

Manhiya Palace Museum

The Manhiya Palace Museum was built in 1925 and since then, it has been attracting visitors towards its ancient collection. The museum houses exhibit such as medals, drums, furniture, royal regalia, photographs and more.

Rattray Park

Featuring a beautiful artificial lake, an outdoor gym, a playground and paved walkways, the Rattray Park is one of the famous destinations to visit in Ashanti Region especially when you are visiting with kids.

Kumasi Zoological Garden

Located in the heart of Kumasi, the Kumasi Zoological Garden features wild flora and fauna. The zoo is home to many wild animals including reptiles, carnivores, primates and ungulates.

Spending a peaceful time somewhere is all one wants. Lake Bosumtwe offers you calmness and an incredible sight to see, all in one. You would be delighted by the beauty of this place and would want to visit every year. After all, who does not appreciate a little time away from the world? 

We hope that you have a fantastic time at this lake.

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