Labadi Beach

Sunset at Labadi Beach
By Desmond Dorvlo
Published on 12 Feb 2021, viewed 3113 times
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There are many shorelines stretched across the coasts of Ghana that offer a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean. The most popular and the busiest among them is Labadi Pleasure Beach. It is also known as Labadi, a popular town near Teshie in the Greater Accra Region. You will find coconut trees, beautiful views, and so many fun activities to engage in.

Street food and local gin

Labadi Beach is a one-stop location for street food and local acholic beverages and gin. Some local delicacies such as Jollof, grilled tilapia, kelewele, spicy kebabs, fried pork, local biscuits, and many others. 

If you are like trying local alcoholic beverages, this might just be the perfect spot for you. Here you can try some locally brewed gin and spirits such as akpeteshie, local dry gins, and “shocker”. These are strong drinks and moderation is advised. Tobacco lovers will most likely appreciate hookah lounges and smoking areas too.

Art stores

There are various art stores around the Labadi Beach where one can purchase local artifacts. Even though the beach is a public area, you might be asked to pay a fee before you are allowed into the premises. The fee will not be more than USD10.00, though.

Sports and fun activities

The beautiful Labadi Beach has something to offer to everyone. If you are a fan of horse riding, this is the ideal spot for you. At a small fee, you can take a horse for a stroll around the beach. Surfing activities are rare, but if you are lucky, you could catch a wave once in a while.

Night jams

In Ghana, beaches are one place where the fun never dies. Famous musicians often perform at Labadi Beach or have special jam nights. Live music nights often go deep into the night or as the local people will say, “till Mama calls”. 

The atmosphere here is an eternally fun-filled one. You could also stay a night at Labadi Beach Hotel nearby. 

Add Labadi Beach to your bucket list and when you are there, do not forget to have fun!

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