Krobo Odumase

Woman at Odumase Krobo
By Desmond Dorvlo
Published on 17 Dec 2020, viewed 4237 times
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In the eastern region of Ghana within the cool climate is the town of Krobo Odumase.  

Where once was the great Presbyterian boy's school, now the University of Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation is being developed.


The first time Odumase Krobo appeared in any recording was in 1857 when the Basel missionary built a school there. In 1892 Odumase Krobo became the capital of the Krobo tribe under the leadership of Emmanuel Mate Kole.

Festivals and culture

The people of Krobo still uphold traditional beliefs with a mix of modernity. At the end of September, the town hosts the seven-day Ngmayem harvest festival.

Ghana’s hosted its first international bead making festival in Odumase Krobo in August 2009. The town is famous for its beads making and it hosts a bead market every Wednesday and Saturday.

The town of Odumase Krobo is with no doubt an excellent choice for a weekend getaway. Along the journey to Odumase Krobo, you might also want to visit the Shai Hills, which is home to many endangered wild animal species.

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