Fort Victoria

Fort Victoria at Sunset - Cape Coast - Ghana
By Ghana Museum and Monuments Board
Originally published on 18 Aug 2015, latest update on 14 Mar 2020, viewed 2622 times
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Fort Victoria was formerly known as ‘Phipp’s Tower’ after its builder: the English Governor Phipps. It was constructed in 1712. It was one of a chain of 3 lookout posts built on the hills in the town of Cape Coast around Cape Coast Castle. These outposts were used to protect Cape Coast Castle against Ashanti attacks. Because of its location, overlooking both the Atlantic Ocean as well as the town itself, it was also used for signalling purposes. It was later renamed Fort Victoria after Queen Victoria of Great Britain. 

This little round tower mounted 7 cannons but fell to ruin later in the 18th century.

In 1837 the present Fort Victoria was built on the ruins of its predecessor as a small but strong fort.

Fort Victoria is freely accessible, although if you take the road up the hill past the Mighty Victory Hotel you could be expected to pay a small token. The fort seems not to be used for anything. Fort Victoria has been preserved as a monument and is in a respectable condition. 

The fort’s opening hours are 09:00 to 16:30.

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