Elmina Castle or St. George Castle

Elmina Castle or St. George Castle

The significant castle of St. George (Elmina Castle) is known for being the first major European construction in tropical Africa. It is situated in the central region of Ghana in a town called Elmina. The castle was established by the Portuguese in 1482 and offered the Portuguese a trade monopoly in the area, with access to the region’s gold. The castle was conveniently built near the Atlantic Ocean and the Benya River, the low headland providing an excellent natural harbour. St. Georges castle also held slaves.

When you take a tour throughout this magnificent castle, you cannot miss out on dungeons to see where the slaves were kept. From the castle, you can get a good view of the fishing market and the "door of no return" which is a small door that led through the outer walls of the Castle where slaves were lowered into boats never to return, hence the name.

Other than the castle, you should be sure to visit the town of Elmina in which the castle lies. You will find yourself in a fishing market. If you want to experience some of Ghana's everyday lifestyles you simply must visit Elmina for an experience you could never ever forget. 

The castle’s opening hours are 09:00 to 16:30 daily.

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