Boti Falls

Boti Falls
By Edite Strautmane
Published on 19 Aug 2020, viewed 4619 times
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One of the 'secret gems' to visit in Eastern Ghana

Are you looking for a city break and a quick getaway from the city life? Boti Falls and the surrounding forests is exactly the place you are looking for! Beautiful waterfalls, bird songs, serenity and the stunning nature will make you forget all the troubles.


A Catholic priest discovered the falls around 1903. President of the time, Kwame Nkrumah referred to Boti Falls as the most attractive place in this part of Ghana. In 1961 during his visit, he was so amazed by the beauty of the waterfalls that he even had requested a holiday home to be built nearby and we can see why.


Boti Falls are seasonal waterfalls at the height of 30m. This place is beautiful any season of the year, however, June to August (during the rainy season) is the time when the falls are the most spectacular. During the rainy season, the high water flow creates a double waterfall.  Locals say that the bigger fall is a male and the smaller one–a female. Splashing water during the fall merging is a ‘mating ritual’ which often forms a pretty rainbow. This is the ‘right place to be’ if you would like to have twins.

250 steps will take you to the bottom of the waterfall through nature sounds and splendid scenery.

There are more attractions to see nearby! Only a 30-minute walk from the falls, you will find more nature’s creations worth seeing. One of them is Umbrella Rock–2 boulders forming an enormous umbrella that can shelter up to 15 people, and the other one is the three-headed palm tree. These spots are great for those Instagram photos!

Every year on 1st July Boti Fall celebration attracts many people. Foreign visitors are welcome to join the celebration too.

The Huhunya forest reserve is a beautiful place to step away from city life and enjoy the serene and lush surroundings. The forest is home to many birds and butterflies. Guided tours around the forest are also available. For 10 cedis there is an option to rent a canoe. Round trip to see all three places will take you around 2-3 hours but it is worth the effort.

Getting there

The beautiful waterfalls (the upper falls and the lower falls) are in Boti within a forest reserve on the river Pawnpawn. It is located approximately 17 km North-east of Koforidua and is roughly 30-minute drive and about 90-minute drive if you drive all the way from Accra.

To reach Boti, a rented car/private taxi or guided tours are the most advantageous options.


Add Boti Falls to your travel list and explore more beautiful places in Ghana!

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