Akaa Falls

The falls
By Desmond Dorvlo
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Ghana is a beautiful country by the very definition of the word. Whereas most of its counterparts in the sub-Saharan Africa battle sandy deserts and dry winds, it boasts of vast, rich vegetation, rainforests as well as wonderful water bodies. 

Apart from the beautiful Gulf of Guinea and its memorable beaches, citizens and visitors enjoy the fresh, cool inland rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. 

The Akaa Waterfalls is alluded to as nature's undiscovered magnificence in Ghana. Akaa Falls is a stunning waterfall situated in the Eastern Region. Akaa falls take sources from the Boti waterway, the very stream from which the Boti Falls takes its source.

About the falls

Akaa Falls are occasional falls. During the full stream, you will be encircled in a gully of falling water.  

This waterfall is gotten to by means of a picturesque 250 concrete steps to the base, where water can fall around you from 3 sides if the stream is good. Akaa falls is additionally home to rich vegetation and an astonishing waterbody on a precipice. The climate Akaa is found is also a prominent tourist destination. There are also close to 250 platforms on the cliff to explore leading to a beautiful forest view. Akaa, Boti, Asenewaa Falls all add up to make Boti and surrounding villages a tourism hotbed in the Eastern Region, especially for individuals who cherish beautiful vegetation, cool weather and waterfalls in general.


Activities at Akaa falls are various. Some of the exercises to participate in are the following: 

  • You can take an energetic hike on the amazingly rocky mountain 
  • A pleasant occasional shower at the edge of the cliff 
  • A get together on the dry ground

Useful data

Akaa Waterfall is situated close to the Akyeremateng town in the Akuapem North District. The Akaa falls is situated around 7 kilometers from the Boti Falls. It is likewise very nearly a 2-hour drive from Accra. A trip to this site must be planned right after the rainy season.The entrance charge is around 5 cedis for every individual.

Plan your Akaa Falls expedition today and don’t forget to take along a camera, some food, and as many bottles of water for an enjoyable trip, don’t forget to bring along a mosquito repellent and Hey whenever you see any worker on the site just shout to them ‘ayekoo’.( it means you’re doing a good job). You will be satisfied with the smiley face they would put on.

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