A tour of Nzulezu

Stilt houses
By Deborah Ackom
Published on 13 Mar 2018, viewed 10802 times
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Nzulezu Stilt Settlement

Stilt houses

The famous village called Nzulezo on stilts is located 90km west of Takoradi in the western region of Ghana about two hours’ drive from the beautiful beaches of Busua. It is an interesting village where community life takes place in the center of the lake Tadane. 

The entire village is built on stilts and life has adapted to the watery conditions of the lake. According to history, the village was formed in the eighteenth century as a place local people could go to escape from slave raiders. The people of the village are predominately made up of farmers and their families, with a total population of around 400-500 people. 

This watery village is surprisingly self-sufficient; with its own chief, shops, schools, churches, movie plaza etc. The houses are built on silts that are made from coconut trees and other hardwoods.

Getting around by boat

Visitor Activities: A visit to Nzulezu begins at the village of Beyin, where the Nzulezu Reception Centre is located, part of the Amansuri Conservation and Integrated Development Project (ACID). After payment and a brief safety briefing, life jackets are provided with a guide who will join you as you walk approximately 150m to the wooden walkway to board the rafts. 

The open top rafts have a maximum capacity of seven adults excluding the guide, with a rowing time of approximately one hour to the village. 

Remember to use sun creams with high sun factors and carry bottle water prior to starting your trip.

Getting there

Public transportFrom Takoradi, take the Assini Metro bus which is the cheapest option to the Alabokazo junction and continue the 20km journey to the village of Beyin by taxi or take a minibus parked at the junction.


The village has basic homestay accommodation for visitors, single rooms at an affordable price.