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By Desmond Dorvlo
Published on 25 Mar 2021, viewed 910 times
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Ghana is a pacesetter, and it has pushed some boundaries in the arts. History is a witness to Ghana’s intricate ties of culture with arts. Kente cloths and Adinkra symbols are just but a few examples to prove the fact. The city of Accra, the capital of Ghana, is filled with multiple amazing spots that highlight art and craft of the creative minds. If you have a few weeks or days to spend in Ghana, these are a few places to consider visiting to indulge and enjoy Ghanaian art.

Chale Wote Street Art Festival

The Chale Wote Street Art Festival is the biggest and largest art show in Ghana. Here Art lovers can experience and purchase art and crafts. Festival covers various forms of art, including graffiti, murals, street, and street painting. The art and craft displayed here are designed by local and international artists. They celebrate their passion for art and expression in Jamestown in Accra for an entire week. The festival usually takes place in August. Apart from the exhibition of art and sale of craft, there are a lot of activities that take place during this artistic and colorful festival – you can not get bored. Film shows, fashion parades, music block parties, interactive installations, design labs and extreme sports are only a few of the interesting activities that go on along the Chale Wote Street Festival.

Brazil House

If you appreciate street art and graffiti, then you have to visit Brazil House in Jamestown Accra when in Ghana. The Brazil House is ancestral home of the Tabom people, a group of Afro-Brazilian returnees who settled in Ghana. At the Brazil House, you will find contemporary works of various artists. It has gigantic walls painted with large murals that, apart from being extremely attractive, also tell a story through every piece of art. Events taking place here are hosted by the same organizers of the Chale Wote Festival. Visit the Brazil House and learn more about Ghanaian arts and the history of the Tabom people. The landscape around the Brazil House is simply exceptional with Accra Lighthouse being just a few meters away from the Brazil house.

The Nubuke Foundation

Near the MensVic hotel in Accra, the Nubuke Foundation is home to authentic Ghanaian art. The Foundation was created with a vision of promoting the development of art in Ghana and enabling young artists with various opportunities to showcase their work. It won “The best tourist attraction site of 2016” award by the Ghana Tourism Authority (Greater Accra). Once a month the foundation hosts events with spoken word artists and acting performances. You can also just enjoy a drink at Nubuke café or seasonal fruits, smoothies and snacks and appreciate the long-manicured lawn which displays colorful art designs.

Ghana Planetarium Science project

When we say “art”, it is not only about man-made designs and crafts. There are many places to enjoy art in Ghana - not only man-made art but also art crafted by nature. If you are amazed by the magic of nature and the twinkle of the stars and are an Astrology enthusiast, Ghana Planetarium is the place to be. It was opened on the 22nd of January 2009 by the British High Commissioner, Nicholas Wescott. The observatory provides sessions for groups to view and learn about various constellations and planetary systems. It is open every day throughout the year. The Planetarium in Ghana is an exquisite place to be, so we could not leave it out.

Nanoff Gallery

Nana Anof, the owner of the Nanoff Gallery, says the inspiration to become an artist and establish the Nanoff Gallery comes from his grandmother. His art focuses on the use of recyclable materials and turning them into beautiful art designs. His grandmother liked to hoard materials even after their first usage. The Nanoff Gallery contains discarded materials such as bicycle wheels, automobile parts, and discarded kitchen materials that have been turned into marvellous creative designs. Nanoff Gallery is at 69 Osu Badu Street No. 12 Airport West Residential Area. 

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Legon Botanical Garden and Playground

The beauty of nature is incomprehensible and jaw-dropping just like the views of the Legon Botanical Gardens. Near the University of Ghana, the Legon Botanical Garden is a serene natural park, beautifully designed and has many flowers and trees that add up to its uniqueness. It has a lot of eco-friendly activities that one can take part in, such as safe climbing and swinging for people of all age groups.

These are a few of the beautiful places for art lovers in Ghana. Visit Ghana soon and make sure you visit these places. Do not forget your cameras ! You would not want to miss opportunities to take all those beautiful pictures. When visiting art venues, markets, or events, make sure you purchase some of the beautiful local souvenirs.

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