Sharing the beauty of Ghana

Introducing Ghana - Ghana at Heart
By Yaw Pare
Published on 22 Jun 2018, viewed 1749 times
Category: Travel Insights
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Ghana at Heart

Introducing the beauty of Ghana and its people across the country. We take you to the city, across the mountains, through the rain forest. We show you the beauty up close and from the air.

Ghana is a wonderful place on this earth and absolutely worth a visit.

Posted by Yaw Pare
Yaw Pare
Hi, my name is Yaw Pare and I am a self-taught Ghanaian photographer and filmmaker with a passion for showcasing Ghana and its heritage to the world in a more challenging light.
My photographs are also covered in a book called "Remnants of a Haunted Past" where I capture both the grandeur and the horrors and tragedy of the forts and castles along