Stilt houses
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A tour of Nzulezu

The famous village called Nzulezu on stilts is located 90 km west of Takoradi in the western region of Ghana about two hours' drive from the beautiful beaches of Busua. It is an interesting village with community life taking place in the center of lake Tadane. The entire village is built on stilts and life has adapted to these watery conditions.

Introducing Ghana - Ghana at Heart
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Sharing the beauty of Ghana

Introducing the beauty of Ghana and its people across the country. We take you to the city, across the mountains, through the rain forest. We show you the beauty up close and from the air.

Ghana is a wonderful place on this earth and absolutely worth a visit.

Fisher on Lake BosUmtwe
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Lake Bosumtwe

Located nearby Kumasi, Lake Bosumtwe is the only natural lake in the country. It is spread over an area of 49-kilometer square. It is a unique lake, and its magnificent appearance makes it impossible to miss. If you are planning a trip to Ghana, you should add this lake to your list of places to visit. It is undoubtedly going to leave you in awe.

The dam
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Akosombo Dam

It all started in 1961 when the government of Ghana was in search of a source of power that would provide electricity for the aluminium industry. It was the same vision that led to the creation of the largest known man-made lake in the world: the great Volta Lake. This led to the construction of the 258 million dollar project: the Akosombo dam.