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Wli Waterfalls Travel Guide

Satisfy the adventurous soul inside you while pleasing your sense of aesthetic? Experience Ghana’s nature at its finest and visit Wli Waterfalls!

Ghana at Heart - Canoe from the air
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Ecotourism in Ghana

Ghana has a wide variety of EcoTourism options. In this video we would like to take you along to show you some of these pearls.

These are wonderful locations ranging from the Northern Region to Greater Accra, absolutely worth a visit. Join us on this Eco-journey across Ghana!

A Yaw Pare Production, filmed by Michael Larbie.

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Shai Hills

Known for its spectacular resource reserve, Shai Hills is a suburb near Dodowa in the Greater Accra region. Stone quarries, high hills, and wild animals are just a few of the characteristics of this place. The Shai hill is most noted for its tourist attractions. Notable among this is the Shai forest reserve.

Visitors at the Monkey Sanctuary
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Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

Located in the temperate Brong-Ahafo Region, this conservation forest teems with monkey and bird life, providing a haven for species that are sadly threatened with extinction all over West Africa. The monkeys are considered sacred and the village is charged with protecting these special animals.

Ghana national parks
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National Parks in Ghana you do not want to miss

Ghana is privileged to have some of the most famous and well-known parks in Africa. These unique parks offer amazing landscapes, stunning sceneries, and jaw-dropping natural features. From the famous Kakum National Park, the hippo filled Bui National Park and the gargantuan Mole Park, here is a list of the best national parks in Ghana.

Mountain Gemi in Amedzope
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Best hiking places in Ghana

It is time to put on your hiking boots, pack your meal, grab a water bottle, and apply some sunscreen because it’s time to go hiking in Ghana.

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Mole National Park

How does spending quality time among wildlife sound to you? If you feel that cities are turning greyer with each day, I am sure you'd love the fresh and green change of environment that Mole National Park provides. Being Ghana’s largest wildlife refuge in the country’s Savannah region, the park is an excellent escape from your mundane routine.

The dam
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Akosombo Dam

It all started in 1961 when the government of Ghana was in search of a source of power that would provide electricity for the aluminium industry. It was the same vision that led to the creation of the largest known man-made lake in the world: the great Volta Lake. This led to the construction of the 258 million dollar project: the Akosombo dam.