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Why we do what we do...

About Us

BreathList is an online traveling specialist ready to serve you with extensive information and exclusive tourist experiences from various parts around the world. Committed to making your travel experience fun and enjoyable, we provide the most authentic and genuine traveling information from across the globe.

Taking your travel encounters to a higher level of discovery, uniqueness, and excitement, we bring together travelers and travel service providers on a single platform to share their itinerant experiences, tips, and travel logs with other enthusiasts in the world.

Our Story

Established by travel lovers, BreathList is our innovative endeavor to help people find all the information they might need in one comprehensive platform. BreathList may sound different but has a real meaning to it.

Every letter of this word stands for something relatable to travels - things that we look for while we travel to different tourist destinations of the world.

B - Bars
R - Restaurants
E - Events
A - Activities
T - Travelling
H - Hospitality

This is what BreathList is all about. Introducing you to new destinations, helping in finding reliable travel information, and discovering must-see places and 'secret gems' around the world.

With tips, guidelines, tour options, visit plans, must-see places, and things to do, you can make your traveling experiences the most memorable and enjoyable ones.

Our Team

We have brought together a team of travel lovers and adventure enthusiasts who have spent their lives touring and exploring attractive destinations around the world.

With special emphasis on discovering new exploration opportunities and having a deep insight into the tourist needs and travel considerations, we ensure to provide reliable and trustworthy information about bars, restaurants, cultural events, hotels, tourist facilities, transportation, and other important things pertaining to your traveling journeys.

Insiders and Partners

We take pride in our valuable and trusted partnerships with renowned travel experts, tourism companies, and other travel-related stakeholders of the industry. Helping us serve our readers better, they ensure the provision of the highest quality of services and best travel advice for everyone.

BreathList welcomes travel enthusiasts from across the globe to join their Insiders group and become a contributing member of this platform. You can share your stories, travel logs, journey experiences, and any other interesting content about holidays and tourism destinations and join the fun!

Join the Travel Fun!

BreathList is here to make things easier for you and make your travel experiences the best in the world. Find the latest travel news and information about marvelous destinations and the best B.R.E.A.T.H. businesses in the country.