About us

Why we do what we do...

What Drives us.

From years of travelling to the outskirts of the world, we found there was a dire need for a concerted way for smaller players in the upcoming tourism destinations to reach out to visitors around the world.

How do we Achieve this.

We have created a platform that combines all aspects of tourism and travelling into a constellation of information and landing pages. We focus our joint efforts on creating a base of information showing what is beyond the TOP 10 of things to do or see in a place. We want to bring out the hidden gems, the marbles,# that are not listed but definitely should be. We do that by tapping into the vast knowledge of local guides, fellow travellers and our partners on the ground. We are constantly working on providing new places to see, enjoy a drink or have a great diner, attend a great event, become active, take benefit of people organising travels or a place to sleep.

What we Provide.

We are passionate to provide small and medium size enterprises a 360° approach in an affordable way to enable them highlighting how they can make your tripsperience special and more memorable.